Emotional Rewiring: Foundations

This course lays out the foundational principles of Emotional Rewiring, and offers an experiential guide through the process. It serves as a lifelong tool, to be revisited and utilized as a practice. Emotional Rewiring is not a one-and-done gaining of knowledge, but a modality that consistently brings peace and miracles into your daily life.


Emotional Rewiring is...

a practice of noticing and reprogramming the autopilot emotional states that we've embellished in our identities since childhood. Watch the video on the left for a detailed explanation.


This course is for you if you:

  • want to learn the most effective mindset shifters to align with the energy of love, giving and receiving in miraculous abundance
  • feel stuck in any area of your life, or catch yourself being snagged and emotionally disrupted by events and feelings
  • are someone with a desire to help others and believe in world transformation, but need a more effective tool to practice and share
  • are seeking spiritual clarity and community


by Kim Fiske

Kim Fiske is a spiritual thought leader, author, speaker, and guide. For the last decade, she has helped thousands of people create radical transformation and healing in their lives, utilizing the manifestation tools she put into practice in her own life, which took her from Fed-Ex Driver to world-traveling 7-figure income earner, with the freedom to spend an ample amount of time helping others through coaching, charity, and international volunteer work.

She is the founder of Emotional Rewiring™, a certified NLP practitioner, and president of the Ignite Vision Foundation: a non-profit organization that provides for women and children in need all around the world.

"I've had some big scary things happen this year, like finding out I have cancer, moving to a new city, and a looming career change that scared me to death. Because of IV, I've been able to let the magic of miracles to show up in my life! I've been grateful and focused on the love and joy in the experience, and have trusted that it is 'happening for me' and the gifts will be revealed to me if I’m open to receiving them. Knowing that everything is going to work out even better than I can plan for helps me relax and allow without worry, anxiousness, or fear!"


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"I started my journey with Ignite Vision in 2020, prior to the pandemic starting and finding out that my husband, Mark, was extremely sick & through his passing away. You can imagine the thoughts & emotions I was dealing with along side running 2 businesses on my own. I have read many books and have knowledge, but doing the personal work is where it's at! Participating in the Intensives kicked it up a notch and created a lasting change. Now I understand what being stuck felt like and I really like being free much better - free from the chains of my own thoughts and feelings."


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